What will it cost?

I always say up to them, but for what they want we do it for less it’s just whether or not they choose the options they want, better to pay for a good design with someone your comfortable with then go all over town looking for pricing when you don’t have a good plan.


What are the different levels of cabinet quality you offer?

They also ask about cabinet levels of quality, stone surfaces verses engineered etc. If they want an education before they buy this is the place to come. Process is easy, we plan, guide through the whole process and cabinetry lines as well as our own custom, we meet at the showroom by appointment or at their residence by appointment for design ideas and types of cabinetry then we measure if space is existing if not we work off the architects plans to get you a great design, revised for exact sizing once structure is up and rough framed. We have builders lines that we can get delivered to your project in as little as 3 business days, semi custom available in 4 to 6 weeks as well as full custom in about 8 weeks. The cost for the consulting and plans are free however there is a 5% retainer from job cost estimation and initial consult before the design process is started that is refunded at the time of the conclusion of Kitchen or Bath installation.   

Detail 3

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